Führung Possmann Kelterei

Führung Possmann Kelterei 


Wann: 16. Oktober 2014


Uhrzeit: 10 Uhr


Wo: Frankfurt


Eintritt 10 € 





Kassel (Kulturbahnhof) HBF  6:00 Uhr




Kassel Wilhelmshöhe 6:17 Uhr 


Anmeldeschluss: 8. Oktober 2014 

Mail an AGV : gobkassel(ät)t-online.de



Mehr Info siehe Plakat 

Possmann Kelterei
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    Dieter Fricke (Samstag, 04 Oktober 2014 11:05)

    Hallo, Ihr Lieben, wie ihr mich kennt, aus meiner Schulzeit von Homberg/Efze. Ich möchte mich für meine Frau Margit imd Ihre Freundin Uschi Klask (2 Karten) bei der Teilnahme von Kelterei Possmann am 16.10. anmelden. aber wir kommen aus Frankfurt/M, und können auf Euer Kommen warten im Hbf Frankfurt/M warten, dann zusammen fahren bis zur Kelterei fahren.
    Schönes Wochenende
    mit vielen Grüßen

    Margit & Dieter Fricke
    An der Warte 6
    65439 Flörsheim/M

    EMail: fricke.art@t-online.de
    deaffrickeart@facebook.com f. Margit m.frickenice@gmail.com
    Chat-Skype und Face Time für Dieter: frickeart
    Chat -Skype und Face Time f. Margit: m.frickenice@gmail.com
    Fax: +49(0)6145 - 53 974
    iPhone-Nr.: 0171 - 1512 88 11
    Homepage: www.fricke-art.com (ab jetzt frei, aber noch nicht vollbearbeitet)
    Neu ! www.art-lightpainting.com

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    Dome Williams (Dienstag, 13 Januar 2015 17:08)

    Dearly Friend,

    My Greetings to you and your family, my name is Dome Williams, I have little business and I really need who will help me to carry out this business for me. I have 155kg Gold with some cash fund left with me by my late father and some family member wanted to kill me so that they can take the gold from me so run out from my country to a hotel where the consignment was deposited right now.

    My father as a gold mining company here in Sierra Leonine and i was the only son of him but he marry five wives. My late father deposited this Gold with a company here in Ghana and the company doesn't know the content of the consignment kept in their custody, and seriously advised me not to unfold the content to them because he registered it there as personal family inheritance. I will like to have a foreign buyer or someone who can help me get a buyer. I have found some local buyer but they mention some prices and I see to it that they only want to cheat me because I don't really know how the gold business that much.

    I found your information while I was searching through the internet and decide to sent you an email if you can be of help or by anyway can help me get a buyer. Please email me back with your information blow:


    Full Names:........................ ......

    Occupation:................... ............

    Marital Status:....................... ..

    Country:...................... ........

    Mobile Phone:......................

    I will send you all necessary information about myself. I will like to invite you to Ghana West Africa so that we meet face to face and go to the company and you can see the gold for yourself .Please respond if you are willing to assist me you can add me on Skype so that we can talk with our camera (dome.williams1) or call me (00233208099879)

    I await your urgent response.

    Yours Sincerely

    Dome Williams.

    Telephone (00233208099879)

    Skype (dome.williams1)

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